Road Rage

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A common issue that people deal with themselves or experience other people who have this condition is Road Rage. I would be one who has a serious condition of road rage. I will admit that sometimes, by the time I get to my destination, I am ready to kill or hurt somebody. But Road Rage is a serious problem in the United States and all over the world. On the autobahn, it is illegal to show road rage. It is weird that people can speed past anybody at one-hundred plus miles per hour and get away with it and not to be able to give somebody the bird without getting a ticket. There are hundreds of thousands of wrecks each year that are contributed by Road Rage, that may in return cause somebody else to have this condition.

What causes Road Rage? Is it people's everyday carelessness about others, or does it have anything to do with driving? If we cared more about other people then we do ourselves, would this be such a problem around the world? The way that people have developed in today's society, their me, myself, and I attitude that we are taught to have would seem to be one of the main problems

Road Rage can also be caused by something that happened at home that has carried over to the drive. It is never a smart idea to drive when emotions are high. When people do this, they are more likely to drive more selfishly, and not pay attention to other drivers. People with high emotions also take more risks while driving, and therefore are involves in more wrecks and fatalities. During Drivers Education class, you are taught to drive defensively and always watch for the other car, mainly for this exact reason.

Many people have Road Rage, but may not show it. People who decide to show the rage have a variety of expressions, with the most popular, giving somebody the middle finger. Some of the other forms of expressing this disease would be cutting people off. That is where a driver cuts in front of another driver when they are not in the position to do...
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