Road Not Taken

Topics: Decision making, Risk, Decision theory Pages: 3 (604 words) Published: October 26, 2008
1.The speaker is the traveler. He is adventurous, a risk taker, and open to new experiences.

2.He is speaking to all those making decisions on which way to go. He is offering advice to those who are uncertain of what they want.

3.The occasion is a man reflecting on his life and what choices allowed for him to be where he is at.

4.This poem should be set during the fall, around the turn of the seasons. I believe this poem is timeless for anyone could be in this same situation. However, it was written in 1916, so the author probably intended it take place then.

5.The setting in the place is outside and in the country. It is unclear as to which nation the poem is taking place in.

6.The purpose of the poem is to influence people that it is better to be original and make decisions that are outside the norm. Also, that more success comes from choosing what you truly want.

7.The central idea of the poem is to choose the path that your heart desires.

8.The tone of the poem is satisfaction. This is achieved because the author looked back on a decision he had made and in the end, felt confident in his choice.

9.B) A traveler approaches a break in the road and has to choose which direction to go. One is worn and he can see exactly where it is heading. The other however, is grassy and the traveler in uncertain as to where it will lead him. He decides to take the uncertain path, although he does say he would like to come back and take the other another day. By the end, the traveler had decided that he made the right choice by taking the “questionable” path and not returning to what he already knew.

10.Diverged: to branch off. This was a good choice because it shows how the traveler had to make a decision.

Trodden: to step. Description that the traveler intends to mark the path with his newly placed steps.

11.Imagery: two roads separating at a group of yellow trees, undergrowth, and aging.


13.This poem is allegorical...
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