Road Accident

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A car accident is perhaps the last thing that you think could ever happen to you. But regardless of how careful a drive you are, you do not know just when you might come across a reckless driver and get into an accident yourself. Knowledge about your rights and the motor vehicle accident law might come in handy should you or anyone you know meet a road accident.

In the unfortunate event that you get involved in road accident, you should contact a lawyer right away. A legal representative will provide you with all the options you have in case you need to make a claim as an auto accident victim or as a liable party.

Road accident risks are the same no matter what type of vehicle you handle - a motorcycle, a truck, or your family car. Read on for an overview of motor vehicle accident laws, the most common causes of road accidents, and how they can be avoided.

The top ten causes of auto accidents are speeding, bad weather, driving under the influence of alcohol, drug use, sleepiness, cell phone use, distractions, recklessness, rubbernecking, and road hazards. The list is compiled from various sources from countries like the US and Canada.

Despite programs launched by governments and other groups aiming to raise awareness on road accident prevention, speeding remains a top cause leading to road accidents. Speed limits differ according to countries but there is one rule that binds them all: the faster you drive, the more dangerous you become to yourself and to other vehicles and pedestrians. In case you become a victim of a driver violating speeding rules, it is recommended that you get legal representation right away. Look up lawyers that specialize on the type of vehicle involved in an accident such as an 18 wheeler accident lawyer or a motorcycle accident lawyer.

The weather is the second top cause of vehicle accidents. Drivers have little control of rain, fog, and snow, which cause slippery roads and blurred vision. Be extra careful when driving in...
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