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When an individual sets a goal of becoming a registered nurse there are different approaches to obtaining a nursing education. One must look at different factors to decide which education plan works best for their life style. There are three options, the diploma program, a associate degree and a baccalaureate degree. All nurses must take and pass the NCLEX-RN examination for state licensing.

The diploma and associate programs are relatively the same when it comes to their competencies. The programs tend to be three years with large concentration on clinical hours. These programs tend to prepare their students at the bedside through hands on learning. There are five clear focuses for these programs, professional behaviors, communication, nursing process, collaboration and managing care. Learning to be accountable for behaviors through the commitment to the profession of nursing in adhering to the standards of profession practice. Clear communication with patients, families and fellow staff is essential. The nursing process vital to safe practice. Learning assessment skills, clinical decision making, interventions and patient education. Once the foundation of nursing process is laid than the student can start interdisciplinary collaboration and managed care.

The competencies of a baccalaureate level degree encompass all competencies of the associate and diploma level educations although the programs are much more in depth. There is more of a focus on the history, theories and models of nursing. “Nursing concepts provide nurses with clear, rational directions for practice. In addition, conceptual theory can refocus health care efforts toward patients, which may help to explain nursing in terms of how nurses think, rather than simply in terms of what they do.” (Grand Canyon University, 2011). Each Baccalaureate program has a nursing philosophy; at Grand Canyon University theirs states “The nursing programs prepare graduates to provide excellent, holistic...

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