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Table of Contents

1.0 Title2
2.0 Acknowledgment2
3.0 Introduction2
4.0 Problem Background3
5.0 Problem Statement4
6.0 Research Aims & Objectives4
6.1 To build a system for managing downloads while browsing.4 6.2 To enable user activity logging feature which involve user to track bandwidth usage and limit download feature.5 6.3 To make users feasible while approaching the tool and provide a best browsing experience.5 7.0 Research Questions6

7.1 Domain Research Question6
7.2 Technical Research question6
8.0 Research Design6
9.0 Personal Reflection7
10.0 References7

1.0 Title

Dynamic Browsing Tool

2.0 Acknowledgment
This module is pre request for our final year project. Hence working on the assignment. I have faced some difficulties and obstacles. When go through deep research, tend to solve all hardships. On the other hand, in the progress of completing this assignment my lecturer and internet sources help me to come up with a good concept. Therefore I would like to submit my sincere appreciation to my lecturer MR. MUEEN UDDEN .Continuously support me and guiding me through the assignment work. I believe without him I couldn’t reached an appropriate concept. Besides that, I would like to thank to my collage (APU) to allow me to use library resources which lead me to choose a proper title to my project.

3.0 Introduction
Nowadays internet plays a crucial role in society. One of the most supremacy tool which grabbed primarily school students to leaders of a nation. Hence it covers schools, business companies, organizations, broadcast Medias and etc. beyond that to get the internet service people are connected to an internet service provider (ISP), and they are the one who integrate people and internet. There are three types of broadband packages are provided by ISP which are unlimited, semi limited and limited packages. There are few issues regarding semi limited and limited packages which to maintain the available quota provided by ISP. Although people need a good browsing experience which can feel them super cool and ease of use. There for they need a good browser which can work through dynamic functions.

In this era everything getting narrow and narrow and also users’ desire is using a gadget or a tool which can hold multiple function and can perform with a usage of minimal resources. Therefor I come up with a system named the Dynamic Browsing Tool (DBT) which can solve all these issues. It has variety of features. Basically it is a smart download manager which embedded with quota management and a dynamic browser. It is sophisticated tool which can fulfilled users’ all desires which can lead to a new era.

As I mentioned earlier my system (DBT) is purposely best choice for limited and semi limited internet package users. Because there is a function for manage broadband quota until the package get expired. Hence there is user defined segmentation for data transfer rate (kbps/mbps), basically it is a pre assign feasibility for users. And also importantly my system has a user logging feature, by this a user is able to keeping track on all usages and provide parental control for the user which is tend to a good secure using. Furthermore my system embedded with a powerful browser with the support of all latest protocols. When user is browsing via DBT, he/she can see download button automatically appear above the all kind of file and user can on click download directly from any web side. Hence video, audio, text documents, and images automatically identified and grabbed by its’ file type. And also saved the downloaded files categorically in the DBT’s downloaded file window. Moreover when the quota near to finish allocated maximum amount they should be a notification alarm and make user alert about it. Last but not least hope this system is user friendly and give an excellent experience in browsing style. 4.0 Problem Background

As we know, there are...

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