Rlection Paper "A Long Walk Home"

Topics: Sustainable transport, Automobile, Walking Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Lexi Kuecker
1st 4/10/11

Many people tell their kids, friends, and family that “you never really understand a person until you climb into his shoes and walk around in them.” In most situations people want to start judging other people before they really know what they go through every day, or their perspective of seeing things. In To kill a Mocking Bird Atticus tells Jem and Jean Louise, Scout that they need to stop bothering Boo because they do not know what really happened. Atticus really stresses that it is important not to judge people before you know what they go through. It is not until Scout stands on Boo’s front porch that she finally understands why Boo would rather stay in his house. In The Long Walk Home Miriam Thompson thinks that it is crazy for the “black” people to have to walk everywhere when they could simply ride the bus. After she witnesses and realizes what they have to go through in order to ride the bus she understands that they are trying to boycott the bus system. Norman Thompson gets furious when Miriam starts participating in the car pool. Miriam tries to explain to Norman that they would not want to walk everywhere they had to go, and just because there skin is a different color doesn’t mean they should be treated completely different. Another time in To kill a Mockingbird it would have been beneficial if Jem and scout would have walked in someone else’s shoes is when Mrs.Dubose was rude to them. She did say some very hurtful things, but Jem and Scout would have been much more understanding if they knew the constant struggles she was dealing with. Mrs.Dubose said such harsh things that it caused Jem and Scout to destroy her Marigolds. Knowing what people have to go through in their own lives often gives us a better understanding in the way some people react to certain situations. Walking in someone’s shoes influences us in the way we react to everyday situations.
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