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Topics: Hijab, Headgear, Headscarf Pages: 4 (446 words) Published: November 16, 2014
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Swapnil Kinattumkara
Professor Sia
20 October 2014
Significance of Jilbab
Back in the day, dating used to be more sophisticated and subtle. People would not publicly display affection as much as they do today. Back then, when a man and woman were seen together, they are usually on the verge of getting married or happily married. In the Muslim city Banda Aceh,Indonesia, dating is still similar to what it was back then in countries like America, Britain, India, etc. In his essay, “Crimson Leopard-Print Headscarves: Wearing the Veil in Banda Aceh, Indonesia”, Doug Clark talks about what different styles of headscarves or jilbab say about the woman and the different meanings behind each style. The jilbab is a headscarf that covers the hair of a woman and flows down till her breasts or her shoulders of her waist depending on the type. The patterns and ornaments on the jilbab says a lot about the woman wearing it. Also, the color of the scarf is decided depending on the skin color of the woman. Clark uses Aisha and Putri’s trip to the store to show us readers how many questions are asked when buying a new jilbab. Firstly, the color of the scarf is considered. Along with the color, which famous person wore a similar scarf also has a part in the decision making process. Next, the flashiness or showiness comes in. The jilbab could either look “flair and westernized” (295) or simple to show the “modesty and humility” (295) of the wearer. There are countries, however, that are gradually neglecting the importance of a hijab according to Leila Ahmed, author of the article “Reinventing the Veil”. Her native country,

Kinattumkara 1

Egypt, and other advanced Arab countries like Jordan and Syria. Islamists in America too have disregarded the hijab due to the post-9/11 atmosphere that led to criticism of the religion. 

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This “veil” tells a lot about a person. The type of jilbab or hijab tells a lot about a person. The...
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