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Topics: Nutrition, Vitamin, First aid Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 22, 2014
Bryenn Carlo Tiam Sanchez

In my own point of view; reviewing all about the terms and fields of Civil Welfare Service (CWS) one (1) and two (2). Here are some of my statements and conclusion. LOL :-D

Nutrition is the science that studies the process by which living organisms acquire all the things for them to live. From this topic, I’ve learned what the roles of nutrients are, what are the vitamins needed by our body, and I also learned about the Food Guide Pyramid. I’ve learned what vitamin contents of food such as proteins obtained from meat and fishes. Vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium acquired from fruits and vegetables. I’ve learned what food should eat to maintain balance diet. I’ve learned what the importance of maintaining balance diet is. I also learned about the field of nutrients such as Macronutrients and Micronutrients. From learned about the functions and deficiencies of vitamins. Lastly, I’ve learned about the personal hygiene, the importance and the aspects of it.

Knowing Basic Life Support is very important, because it helps and teaches us how to execute CPR. It also enables us to help others from different emergencies, including accidents, such as suffocation, near-drowning, smoke inhalation, and poisoning and electrocution injuries. From this topic, I’ve learned when to stop and not to stop CPR. I’ve learned what are the signs of successful CPR, dangerous complication of CPR, the common CPR mistakes and also the types of CPR such as adult CPR and infant CPR. I also learned how to prevent choking by doing Heimlich maneuver for choking adults and choking oneself.

Doing activities or having drills from rescue 117 is also important. From this topic, I’ve learned how to execute proper rappelling, and how to use the related equipments. It enables us to help others from disaster.

First aid refers to the immediate, direct treatment of an injured person. Everyone must have knowledge about first aid; anyone with a basic...
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