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What is the bell service department function in hotel?
--The bell service staff is of critical importance to a hotel, as they are the first and the last people on the hotel's staff that a customer interacts with. The bellman's job is to greet customers, direct them to the check-in desk, carry the customers' baggage to and from their cars, and educate guests on the contents and features of their hotel rooms. They also store guests' luggage after they have checked out if they are not leaving immediately as well as arrange for local transportation when requested. Depending on the size of the hotel or resort, additional duties may be assigned as needed.

--The Bell Staff mainly controls guest luggage. They move the luggage to and from a room. They will also hold the luggage before and after a guest occupies a room so the guest doesn't have to carry the luggage around if they arrive before their room is ready or check-out a few hours before they actually depart.

--they were the one who assist the guest.. like carrying their bags or pushing the buttons of the elevator.. walk them to their room..

--A bell service staff is composed of bellmen, also known as bellhops, bellboys, valets or baggage porters. In larger hotels, a bell captain will oversee the bellmen. They are a part of the front desk or front office team along with the concierge, receptionist, front desk clerks, customer service representatives and others.

---Bellhops and bellboys were standard fixtures in American hotels in the early to mid-1900s. Today, bell service is usually reserved for upscale or high-end hotels and resorts that want to cater to their customers. Formal education is less important in a bell service job then being organized, intelligent and physically capable, as a bellman can have a wide variety of duties and must be prepared to be a jack-of-all-trades.

* Three job positions in addition to the bellman may be present in a bell service staff. If more...
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