Rizal Family Summary

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Family of Rizal Report Summary

I. Rizal’s Lineage

Father’s side

Domingo Lam-co:
* Rizal’ great-great-grandfather
* came from Chinchew, China (a literary center and a town famed in Chinese history for its loyalty) * Baptized at the age of 35 (1697)
* Settled (landholder) in Binan, Laguna on a Dominican estate through his friendship with 2 Dominicans * Married Ines Dela Rosa
* Changed family name to Mercado (Market) to suit their livelihood

Francisco Mercado I
* Rizal’s great grandfather
* The first to use the surname Mercado

The Chineze mestizos were greatly persecuted by Spaniards, but despite all of this Rizal’s ancestors still showed great fortitude. Rizal got his trait of strong character from this branch of his ancestors.

Family name:

The family name Mercado was changed to Rizal due to a law in 1850. Rizal meant greenfields from the word Ricial

Mother’s side

Teodora Alonzo’s father: Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo
* -Municipal captain of Binan, as was his father (Cipriano Alonzo) and his father's father (Gregorio Alonzo) was the head of the mestizo's organization in the Santa Cruz district of Manila. * He was wealthy, and had invested a considerable sum of money with the American Manila shipping firms of Peele, Hubbell & Co., and Russell, Sturgis & Co. * Acquainted with Brigida de Quintos (Mother), Mrs. Rizal’s mother, while he was a student in Manila, and that she, being unusually well educated for a girl of those days, helped him with his mathematics.

Brigida de Quintos
* Death record, in Kalamba (1856), speaks of her as the daughter of Manuel de Quintos and Regina Ochoa. * Changed Alonzo to Realonda because of the 1850 general change of names law

All the branches of Mrs. Rizal’s family were much richer than the relatives of her husband; there were numerous lawyers and priests among them—the old-time proof of social standing—and they were influential in the country.

There was also a speculation that they were descendants of Lakan Dula

II. Rizal-Mercado Family

A Good Middle Class Family

* Rizal family belong to the PRINCIPALIA, a town aristocracy in Spanish Philippines * Rented farm from Dominican Order; harvested rice, corn and sugar cane; raised pigs, chickens and turkeys * Able to build a large stone house; owned a carriage and a private library * Able to send all their children to colleges in Manila

The Rizal Home
* Two-storey stone house, rectangular in shape, built of adobe stones, hard woods, and was roofed with red tiles. Rizal’s Parents
Francisco Mercado & Doña Teodora Alonzo Reolanda
* were married in Kalamba, Laguna
* Both prosperous farmers

Francisco Mercado (1818-1898)
* Father of Jose Rizal
* The name ‘Francisco’ was in high honor in Laguna for it belonged to a famous sea captain who had been given the Encomienda of Bay for his services. * Born in Biñan, Laguna on April 18, 1818

* He was the youngest of 13 offspring of Juan and Cirila Mercado. * Studied Latin & Philosophy in College of San Jose in Manila * A sugar planter and landholder
* After his parent’s death, he moved to Calamba and became tenant-farmer of the Dominican-owned hacienda * Was able to establish a private library and kept a carriage * Hardy and independent minded man, talked less and worked more, strong in body and spirit * Rizal called him “A Model of Fathers”

* Died in Manila on January 5, 1898 at the age of 80

Doña Teodora Alonzo Realonda (1826-1913)
* Mother of Jose Rizal
* Had a trace of Japanese ancestry
* Was of Ilocano-Tagalog-Chinese-Spanish descent
* Born in Sta. Cruz, Manila on November 14, 1827
* She was the second child of Lorenzo Alonso and Brijida de Quintos. * She studied in Colegio de Sta. Rosa

* She was a business-minded woman (managed some small enterprise), courteous, religious, hard-working and well-read....
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