Rizal at Dapitan

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SAMONTE, Lora Althea M. August 22, 2012

2LM2 Assoc. Prof. Eloisa P. De Castro


The film “Rizal sa Dapitan” showed the experiences of Dr. Jose Rizal during his exile. Not everything found on the movie was well known to every Filipino who distinguishes him as a national hero. One of which would be the event showing the willingness of the parents of the aspiring students of Rizal to send them to the school which he established himself. Even with the threats of being excommunicated by the Church they were still keen to provide their children an education offered by the person held by the Church as heretic. This goes to show how much influence he had on Filipinos. Regardless of what Father Obach would tell the people during his sermons about how God is displeased with the actions of Jose Rizal, he was still able to gain the admiration and respect of the Filipinos. The last part of the film would also be one of the events that seem unknown to the public at large. It showed people crying because Jose Rizal would already be leaving Dapitan. For someone who was held to be dangerous by the Church, a lot of people still sent him off and bid him goodbye for they know that the help he has provided for the people of Dapitan weighed more than what anyone else has labeled him for allegedly manipulating Filipinos to go against the Spaniards. These events were what I stressed out for they highlight the effect of Jose Rizal on the people. We may have known his works but knowing how it changed the people gives it a greater value and we get to appreciate them better. Rizal’s intention upon making his writings became a reality and it can be clearly seen through these events which may appear insignificant for some but such scenes actually show how important he is for the Filipinos.

What I found noticeable on the film was its great balance when it comes to showing both Jose...

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