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Paris to Berlin (1885-87)
* Rizal went to Paris and Germany in order to specialize in ophthalmology. * To cure his mother’s illness.
* Barcelona
- stopped in Barcelona to visit, Maximo Viola
- Befriended Eusebio Corominas – editor of La publicidad. Don Miguel Morayta (owner)
- Article on the “Caroline’s Question”
* In Gay Paris November 1885 (four months)
- Worked as an assistant to Dr. Louis de Weckert , leading French Opthalmologist

- Visited his friends: Tavera’s, Juan Luna. Felix R. Hidalgo, Paz Pardo de Tavera
- “ The Monkey and the Turtle” Paz album JPR drew a series of sketches
- spent happy hours in Luna’s studio, improved his own painting technique and posing as model in several paintings:
1. The Death of Cleopatria
2. The Blood Compact

* Rizal as musician:
“I learned the solfeggio, the piano, the voice culture in one and a half, If you could hear me sing, you would wish you were in Spain because my voice is like the braying of the asses” (Letter to de Lete dated Nov.27, 1878)

- Flute – the only instrument Rizal could play
- Compositions:
1. Alin Mang Lahi2. La Deportacion
* Visited Strasbourg (capital of Alsace Lorraine)
February 1,1886
* Historic Heidelberg (Historic city of Germany)
- Lived in a boarding house with German law students and made Rizal a member of the Chess Player’s Club
- Transferred near the University where he worked as an assistant to Dr. Otto Becker, German opthalmologists
- Attended lectures of Dr. Becker and Prof. Wilhelm Kuehne
- Visited scenic spots around Heidelberg
- Observed that the German Catholics and Protestants practiced ecumenism or they lived together in harmony and cordiality.
-”To the Flowers of Heidelberg”
a fine poem Rizal wrote on April 22, 1886
* With Pastor Ullmer at Wilhemlmsfeld
* Spent a three-month summer vacation in mountainous village near Heidelberg * Stayed in the vicarage of a kind...
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