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According to the letter of Tomas Cabangis which was for our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Cabangis had received a letter of Rizal which content was about his disgusting trip. He said that it was good news knowing that nothing worse had happened to Rizal on his way to Madrid. He also mentioned that Rizal had told him how good the denizens of Madrid to him. It was also stated that Rizal had shared information about the expenditures of him while living in Madrid. He had mentioned that anyone can live there with little savings and some extra money in their pockets so Cabangis thought that it would be easy for him to go to Madrid for the only thing that stopped him from doing so was the amount of money he has during that time. In the second paragraph, Cabangis said, it was a frightening situation if Perio could not be able to pursue and carry out his duty as a friend because of the disease he may get as a result of cold for Perio’s immune system was somehow with low resistance to diseases. He asked Rizal to inform Perio about his medicine which he had called, Cabangis remedy. He told him that this medicine is so effective and is a high-potent medicine to cure any physical disorder or illness. He also mentioned that this medicine is a well-known reducer of nervousness throughout Spain. In the third paragraph, he told Rizal about his experience with Lorenzo, when Lorenzo brought him to the house of his friends. Although he had a blast during the said moments, he had not failed to remember Rizal. As what he had written on the fourth paragraph, he promised that if he would go to Julia’s house, he would not forget to lend her his regards but of course with some sweet words to be given especially to Rosalia for it was a way for her to look for Rizal when she arrived to the town of Madrid. He had reminded Rizal to keep himself aware of any Madrid girl. Before he ended his letter, he asked Rizal to send him news about Circulo Hispano-Filipino and...
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