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Rizal arrived at San Francisco, California.He started his trip of the American continent. He passes through Reno, Ogden, Denver, Farmington, Salt Lake City and Provo.Rizal continued his trip, passing the territory of the State of Colorado. He reached Albany and later traveled along the bank of TheHudson River. This day was the end of his transcontinental trip.Arriving at New York on the morning; he boarded at the FifthAvenue Hotel.

He thought of publishing the second edition of the Noli Me Tangere with the illustrations of Juan Lunaand with slight changes. He wanted to correct the typographical errors and the erroneous citation of Shakespeare which should be that of Schiller.In a letter, he requested Mariano Ponce to send more Copies of the Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines. He told Ponce that the question of writing with more orless literature is just secondary; what is essential is tothink and to feel rightly, to work for an object and thepen will take charge of transmitting the ideas. With the intention of writing thecontinuation of his first novel, Rizal askedMariano Ponce in a letter to send him twoor more copies of the Noli. Rizal planned thav a picture taken one copy to be sentto Ponce and the other to be included inthe publication of the second novel.

Rizal arrived at Paris and boarded at the Hotel Del Restaurant de Rome.Because of the bad news he received from home, he thought of proceedingto Spain. However, the plan was not realized. In a letter, he requested Mariano Ponce to forward to Hongkong the box of Noli so that Jose Maria Basa could send them to the Philippines where theFilipinos needed them.Rizal sent to Dr. Carlos Czepelack his sculptural work Revancha in exchangefor the beautiful landscape he received from the latter. During the previousdays he read the book of Multatuli, a Dutch author. He found the booksimilar to his Noli with difference, however, on the strength of attack. Rizal’sattacks are more violent than those of Multatuli’s.He left London for Barcelona and Madrid.

Rizal arrived at Brussels from Paris. His letter "Excelmo., Señor Don Vicen Barrantes" waspublished in the La Solidaridad.His editorial article "Filipinas en el congreso" was publishedin the La Solidaridad. Rizal’s letter to his countrymen, "Sobre la nueva ortografiade la lengua tagala," was published in the La Solidaridad. His article "Seamos justos" was published in the LaSolidaridad.His editorial article "Cosas de Filipinas" was published in the LaSolidaridad. His article "Mas sobre el asunto de Negros" was published in theLa Solidaridad.His essay "Sobre la indolencia in the La Solidaridad. Also his editorial article "Una Esperanza" was published in the LaSolidaridad. He sent to Madrid the continuation of the "Sobre laindolencia de los Filipinos." He also sent the authority for thepresentation of the case before the Supreme Court. He planned of leaving Brussels at the end of the month. Hisfamily lost the cases in Calamba against the friar’s and Paciano elevated the case to the Supreme Court in Madrid. Rizal informed Mariano Ponce of his departure for Madrid onthe 1st of August and his arrival there on the 3rd or the 4thday of the same month. His essay "Sobre la indolencia de los Filipinos" was publishedin the La Solidaridad 

Rizal matriculated at the Universidad Central deMadrid. He took the following subjects: medicalclinic, surgical clinic, legal medicine andobstetrical clinic. He wrote articles "Revista de Madrid“ and "LasDudas“.Rizal left Madrid for Paris to spend his summerand to observe the big French City

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