Rizal's Transcript of Records

Topics: Learning, Reactionary, Knowledge Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: February 24, 2013
1023Baes, Mike Andrew C.
BAS 3-1
05 Jan 2013
Prof. C. Ramos

Rizal’s Transcript of Records


Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal, also known as Pepe, is one of the respected Filipino of all times. He is known for his intelligence. He fought for his right or expressed his feelings through the use of pen and paper, which are known to be the companion of diplomatic people. So, Rizal is considered one. Just like an ordinary people, Jose attended school to learn. (He didn’t just have knowledge on his own.) He took every subject a student must. Pepe did with all of his power to achieve his dream and earned the license in the field of medicine. As I looked upon J. P. Rizal’s grade, I noticed he did very well on Preparatory Course of Theology and Law and he got an average grade of 1.00. But when Rizal took courses on medicine, it seems hard for him to make his average as good as before. And it got even worse and worse. There could be two possible reasons: (1) Subjects in Theology and Law are much easier than the subjects in Medicine; and, (2) Rizal has more passion in Theology and Law than in Medicine. In an over-all review, Jose performed well. Intelligence doesn’t reflect on how high grades you got, instead, it reflects on how you deliver & share your knowledge, how you serve the people, and how you use it the right way. Imitate Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal not only academically but also professionally.
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