Rizal's Relevance in the Present

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Benedict Bajala BSActy-2

Rizal’s Relevance in the Present Time

1. Joining organizations: Rizal believed in the goals of organizations that are related to the achievement of unity and freedom of humankind. He always had the time and opportunity to join into organizations.

2. Global Fellowship: In every journey, he was able to meet and befriend foreigners who sympathize with the experiences and events occuring in the Philippines.

3. The Rizal traits: not stealing from government coffers, avoiding gambling and other vices and love of country. Among others, there are still a number of people in the politics that exercises these traits, and they are the true men who can better serve the country.

4. Several programs promoting the ideology of the National Hero throughout the year. a. The Rizal Youth Leadership Institute is a seminar conducted in all regions with the aim of sharing the ideology of Rizal with high- school and college students. b. Rizal is Alive is a forum intended for advancing the awareness of the youth, teachers and politicians on how to react to the ongoing situation of our country. c. Rizal National Festival of Excellence gathers high- school students from all over the country for contests in poetry. d. Search for the Rizal Model of the Philippines aims to recognize students with exemplary values and talents from different parts the country. 5. Rizal said that the youth are the country’s future. The granting of office for the Sangguniang Kabataan indicates the country’s aims of empowering the youth through public service and leadership. At school, it is also the students who runs a student government. Seminars and conferences like the Ayala Young Leaders and Aboitiz has their share in helping promote Rizal’s ideals.
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