Topics: Flood, Nile, Lake Victoria, Water, Cairo, River / Pages: 2 (407 words) / Published: Jun 22nd, 2015
Ekene Nnebe

June 5, 2015

There are many advantages and disadvantages for living along rivers. Living near rivers helps people to meet their needs of eating food and other people's needs such as their families. The river helps people to travel to different places by transportation such as ships, boats, and kayaks.
Living near rivers can be advantageous. The river, such as the Nile, not only provides water but also helps to provide a good farmland. The river helps people to get stones and mud to help build their houses. The river helps to provide the surrounding land around it to be more fertile. Also, living near rivers helps to get food such as fish, krill, and lobster.
Since the river is right next to your house, you will not have to travel so far to get food. Another advantage is bathing. The river helps people to collect water in order to cleanse themselves from dirt. People however must not bathe directly into the river since this will only spread diseases and making the water polluted and unable to drink from.
Living near rivers can also be disadvantageous. In rainy seasons or when it is pouring outside with rain, the Nile
River becomes flooded. This takes the lives of many people. The flood could wipe out a whole civilization. Furthermore, when

it floods all of the crops will die out leaving the survivors of the flood with no crops to eat. Another disadvantage is that hostile sea animals such as alligators and crocodiles can be very dangerous and harm people. These animals can crawl near your your houses. Other animals that you need to watch out for ner rivers include anacondas. These snakes can also slither near your house and if provoked, attack and bite you.
In conclusion, there are many advantages and disadvantages for living near a river. This includes help when reproducing other plants, help to meet the needs of plants so that people can eat them, and lastly to help with transportation by sea. A disadvantage is when it is raining

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