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The aim of the study is to describe and explain the impact of coastal processes on a section of The Palisadoes, Kingston and Hector’s River, Portland, Jamaica. Location of Study Areas

Primary Data was collected on Thursday the 4th of October, 2012 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 6:00 PM during a field exercise by students and teachers of Wolmer’s Boys’ School. The areas chosen for field study along the eastern coast of Jamaica were the Palisadoes, the Yallhas Ponds and Hector’s River. At each location data was collected on wave patterns. The wave type was recorded by observing how the waves broke on the shore. The frequency of the waves was determined by examining the average of three recordings of the amount of breaking waves per minute for each stop. The frequency was taken through an experiment. An approximation was made of the wave height at each stop. Pictures were taken of the coastal features and diagrams illustrating coastal processes were sketched. Secondary Data was collected from maps and aerial photographs to identify larger features. The internet and text books were consulted to explain the coastal processes and maps and pictures helped to demonstrate the observations made and present information on the location of the stops. Notes were taken of information provided by the teachers explaining coastal processes. The Palisadoes is a part of the parish of Kingston and is south of the capital Kingston and the Down Town area. The Palisadoes is a tombolo that begins at the southern wing of Harbour View and terminates in the Caribbean Sea 3 km away from the other end of the harbour. It connects Port Royal to Harbour View and separates Kingston Harbour from the Caribbean sea. The point along the Palisadoes at which we stopped is commonly referred to as Plumb Point. Plumb Point is adjacent to Norman Manley International Airport and is 6.4 km into the tombolo from the roundabout at Harbour View. The second stop was Hector’s River which is located in the parish of Portland nearby the border of Portland and St. Thomas along the coast. The Hector’s River in Portland. Hector’s River is approximately 27.4km south of the capital Port Antonio. Hector’s River is east of a main road in Portland and two communities, White Lane and Hordley. Hector’s River is not actually a river but a series of headlands and bays, coves and inlets (See Appendix 1). Presentation, Analysis and Discussion of Data

Stop1- The Palisadoes
The Palisadoes is a strip of land, some 14 km long, that almost completely encloses the Kingston Harbour (See Figure 1). The Palisadoes tombolo connects the island of Port Royal to Harbour View. The study area commonly known as Plum Point was adjacent to the Norman Manley International Airport and was situated 7 km from the Harbour View roundabout. The tombolo which is exposed to wave actions also had mangroves growing atop secure sediments that were characterized by dune vegetation on the southern windward side and mangrove thickets on the northern leeward side. The coastal features identified at the Palisadoes include beaches (storm beaches), sand dunes, berms, bays and a tombolo (Defined in Appendix 1).

Figure 1- The Palisadoes Tombolo
Wave Action
The dominant waves approaching the Palisadoes came from the south east resulting in longshore drift current which moves sediments gradually westward along the shore. The waves at The Palisadoes were observed to break at the crest of the wave resulting in turbulence spilling down the face of the wave and a mass of foaming surf rushing up the beach. Based on this observation the type of waves at the Palisadoes were determined to be “spilling” breaker waves. The wave height was also estimated to be about 3 feet high. Table 1- Wave Frequency at the Palisadoes

Trial Number Time(s) Number of waves
1 60 7
2 60 8
3 60 9
Average wave frequency 8 waves per minute
When waves break at a rate of ten or less a minute,...
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