River Management Strategy

Topics: River, Dam, Flood Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: August 14, 2011
Dam construction is multi-purpose and not a solely channel management strategy. It is effective in controlling flood. The three gorges dam across Yangtze River was built in 1998 to manage Yangtze river flood. The 1998 Yangtze River floods was a major flood that lasted from middle of June to the beginning of September 1998. In 2007, Three gorges dam release little amounts of water into Yangtze and trapped excessive rains. Yangtze did not flood. Another advantage of the project is to generate power to keep pace with China's economic growth. It is estimated that China's power output must rise by 8 percent annually to keep pace with 6 percent annual increase in gross national product. On the other hand, this river management strategy have its own limitations. Firstly,Chinese officials estimate that the reservoir will partially or completely inundate 2 cities, 11 counties, 140 towns, 326 townships, and 1351 villages. About 23800 hectares, more than 1.1 million people will have to be resettled. Secondly, It will threaten the river's wildlife. The dam will alter the natural environment, and therefore, an almost infinite number of species will be affected by the project. Thirdly, The dam will disrupt heavy silt flows in the river. It could cause rapid silt build-up in the reservoir, creating an imbalance upstream, and depriving agricultural land and fish downstream of essential nutrients. Despite high cost, technological expertise required, I feel that dam construction is an effective river management strategy. However, to ensure effectiveness, ecological rehabilitation like afforestation in mountainous areas and upstream arable land has to be practices to reduce surface run-off from yantze.

The Mississippi River is the largest river system in North America. Since flooding occurred in this river, correct river management strategy must be used. The most significant floods on the Mississippi River result from regional rainfall and snowmelt. For over two centuries,...
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