Rivalry among the Competitors

Topics: Behaviorism, Aga Khan, Psychology Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: April 23, 2015
Rivalry among the Competitors – High
There are many hospitals and institutes competing in this industry. This includes the Aga Khan Hospital, Liaquat National Hospital, Ziauddin Hospital, IBP (Institute of behavioral psychology). These are well established and well known hospitals. These hospitals and institutes are continuously developing their services and innovating ideas to make competing even harder. The above mentioned hospitals are main rivals of our stammering club because they are long established brands. PEST ANALYSIS:

Economics: Rise in inflation rate contributes in increasing cost of input. This industry involves a lot of fixed cost which would be negatively affecting the industry. Keeping the economic condition in mind this factor will cause decrease in rivalry because many institutes will not be able to cover its cost such as rent, rising electricity cost, cost of specialized equipment used in this business. Political: Legislations and regulations imposed by the government normally affect the industry. But in this industry there are no such governmental regulations that have to be considered. Apart from that the government is in fact supporting this kind of move which would be in betterment of people. However laws are implemented to ensure the quality of equipment used in health care Centre. Keeping our political factor in mind, it would increase the strength of rivalry as more people will be encouraged to compete with us. Socio-Cultural: Socio cultural issues are also shaping the industry. People are becoming more health conscious. Parents encourage their children to take speech therapy classes. This tilt towards a healthy life would increase the rivalry amongst the firms as now more firms will be engaging in rivalry. Technological: Technology is also one of the important factors in shaping this industry. Competing in this industry it would be required to keep up to date therapy machines and equipment. However in Pakistan we lack modern...
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