Ritz carlton case on recruiting

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Question [1]:- Describe why a strategic approach in recruiting was crucial at the Ritz-Carlton.

Ritz-Carlton has a unique brand image so to if a new hotel was to be opened under the head, the quality and level of service need to be at the same level as expected. So for that the focus of process must depend on the candidate’s needs, and the candidate experience. Employers and job seekers are brought together for potential matches through their recruitment and job search activities. Employers may post help wanted signs, run newspaper advertisements, or seek referrals from private employment agencies. Job seekers may speak with friends and relatives, solicit the aid of the state employment agency, or simply walk in and apply. These recruitment and search activities help both parties acquire information about each other, and the more information they obtain prior to entering an employment agreement the higher the likelihood of a good employment match. In this case study we are explaining by resembling “The principle of Strategic Recruiting Methods”, why a strategic approach to recruiting was crucial at the Ritz-Carlton.

1. Short time & huge vacancy had to be filled:
As the hotel was being built and the opening got closer, the hotel’s H.R.D (Marie Minarich) felt on a major challenge like filling up about thousand amounts of deferent positions from Housekeeping to HRM. If the company had taken normal approach to recruiting they might not be success. So we can reach to a decision about Strategic Approach to Recruiting that was crucial at the Ritz-carlton. 2. Target employed “non-lookers”:

The best recruiting processes are designed to identify and successfully hire currently employed top performers. This means that the process needs the capability of identifying and convincing employed individuals who work at your competitors and may not be actively looking for a position. Unfortunately, most corporate recruiting approaches are designed to attract “active” candidates. Ritz Carlton, manager and staff made it a point to hand out business cards and service praise cards to other restaurants for target employed. And so the strategic approach to recruiting was crucial.

3. Build a recruiting culture/fair:
The most effective approaches build a corporate-wide “cultural of recruiting” where every manager and employee is a recruiter. Because of their continuous contact and interaction with outside talent, everyone must play an important supplemental role in identifying talent and in spreading the employment brand. The most effective recruiting strategies convince employees to be 24/7 talent scouts, making every employee a recruiter. The job fair was the major source for recruits and so the strategic approach to recruiting was crucial.

4. Selling applicants:
The very best recruiting processes builds “relationships” with potential applicants over time in order to increase their level of trust and interest. Unfortunately, no amount of benefits or job features will be convincing to high-demand applicants without this level of trust. Because all candidate-screening processes have flaws, stretching out the assessment process over time allows you to learn more about the candidate and decrease the chances of making a bad hire. The best approaches are designed to take advantage of the fact that a target candidate’s willingness to consider a new job changes quite rapidly, as a result of changes in their own job and organization. So we can reach to a decision about Strategic Approach to Recruiting like handing out business card and service praise cards that was crucial at...
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