Rites and Ritual of the Pochury Nagas
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Rites and Festivals of the Pochury Tribe related to agriculture.
The Pochuries very life depends on his/her crop therefore most of his/her days are spend in the field. Work and religions in the life of the Pochury Nagas are interwoven with many religious ceremonies designed and performed to protect and increase his/her crop. In this paper we will look at some of the rites and festival of the Pochuries related to Agriculture.
Rites and Festivals Associated to Agriculture: 1. Nazu: Nazu means ‘new year’, it is a 10 day long festival (February 20th to 30th) . This festival is very ritualistic as well as entertaining in nature and is celebrated before the sowing of seeds to earn blessings for the good harvest throughout the year. It is celebrated with great pomp and show by feasting, singing , dancing and merry making. The following rituals are abserved:
During this ten days kajiwa (village king) will initiate and give all the necessary announcements . And wherever he goes he has to carry akha ( wine) in a cup and drop drops of wine as a sign of giving one tenth offering to Aniiza Kajiwa ( supreme god) and also as a asking blessing.
Every household will hang fish and pork wraped in arunga as sacrifice to Aniiza Kajiwa. And those household with male members will post a bamboo outside the house. On the tip of the bamboo, Awiiphrii along with fish and pork will be tied. 2. Azhu Kiipotsa ( Clearing of Jungles for jhum cultivation). The village king along with the elders will discuss about the block to be felled for the year, sufficiently big to grow crop will be chosen by general consent from land which has been long enough under jungle. They will go to that selected jungle and locate ashito (particular tree). The king will first cut the tree uttering ‘ phrasiike tsuosiizu’ meaning ‘ weeds die and wither, the crops grow ‘, then the rest will follow and clear the jungle for jhum cultivation .
In the case of steep area and

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