Rite of Passage

Topics: Barn Burning, Family, William Faulkner Pages: 2 (898 words) Published: May 29, 2005
All people have an experience of ¡°Rite of Passage¡± because it is necessary to be an adult. What is Rite of Passage? It means a ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person's life indicative of a transition from one stage to another, as from adolescence to adulthood. In the story ¡°Barn Burning¡± by William Faulkner, Sarty, who was the son of barn burner- Abner Snopes, he experienced his Rite of Passage at the end of the story. Although his decision leads to his father¡¯s death, it helps him to independent from his father. I think he made the correct decision not only for himself, but also for his family and society. First, his decision is for himself- Sarty. His father, Abner Snopes, always affects him in terrible ways. Not only his father forces him to listen to his own rules, but also he makes him to lie to people and society to protect him. At the beginning of the story, it starts in the courtroom because his father is accused of burning a neighbor¡¯s barn. Sarty is called to the stand, but because the plaintiff is finally unwilling to force him to testify against his own father, the case is closed, and the father, Abner Snopes, is advised to leave that town. Back in the courtroom, his father warns his son, ¡°You got to learn to stick to your own blood or you ain¡¯t going to have any blood to stick to you.¡± He lies to save his father from the society, even though Sarty knows his father is wrong. Not only his father can¡¯t fit into the society, but also he made his son can¡¯t fit into the society just like his father. Therefore, when Abner plans to burn another barn in the new town, Sarty is faced with a decision that will shape the rest of his life. By his last decision, although it leads his father¡¯s death, it helps him to fit into the society, and finally he turns to the truth and justice than his father¡¯s bad blood. Second, his decision is for his family. After Abner burned neighbor¡¯s Barn, Sarty and his family- his parents, two sisters, an...
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