Ritalin Abuse

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Amphetamine, Psychoactive drug Pages: 4 (1409 words) Published: September 2, 2011
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, which most people would refer to as ADHD is a behavioral disorder. Having ADHD makes you act without thinking. It causes you to be extremely hyperactive at times and makes you have trouble focusing. A drug that is prescribed to treat ADHD is Ritalin. People whom have been diagnosed with ADHD and takes Ritalin can expect a very positive improvement. The use of Ritalin improves concentration and reduces hyperactive actions; it stimulates the brain which improves the attention span by far. Are you aware of how common disease is? It is typically found in younger children but sometimes isn’t found until they become a young adult. This disease being so common, Ritalin is prescribed as well as taken worldwide. “Some medicine experts worry that doctors may sometimes prescribe the drug for people who do not really have it” (“Ritalin”). Most people may not know this piece of information but taking Ritalin without actually having the disease it is prescribed for could result in disaster. If taking a pill you don’t even need could result in disaster, why would you put your own health and even life in danger by taking it?

Ritalin can be a very valuable medication if it is taken properly and as prescribed. Sometimes this drug is taken not only improperly but illegally. You may wonder why a human being would take this drug without having ADHD. Some users refer to it as a study aid or a party drug. Individuals using Ritalin for a study aid say that it helps them stay focused in the class room and they are able to pay attention to the teacher better than before. They also think it is going to help them stay awake longer than they normally can. Since they trust they will be able to stay awake longer with no consequences they think they will be able to study longer, do homework, or write that paper they never got around to doing during respectable hours. Ritalin that is being used as a party drug can be even...
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