risky health behavior

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Theory of planned behavior Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Hong Kong is a fast place that full of stress. Many Hong Kong citizen continue work or study morning, noon and night. Eating begins a tool for them to relieve stress. Thus, it is not difficult to see student eating when they are studying. It also common to see office lady buying huge amount of snacks storing inside their office. There is also an increase of people who keen on late-night eating or having afternoon tea frequently. Studies finds out that every Hong Kong citizen having five meals a day averagely, some may continues eating even tough they were full. It definitely not a healthy eating style which have exceed the energy they need to absorb everyday. Overeating started to become a common risky health behavior to Hong Kongers. It may increase the risk of a variety of health problems, such as heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, hypertension. Therefore, this essay is to analyze causes of overeating in Hong Kong considering with the psychological and social factors.

Psychological Factor

Most people who have overeating behavior due to the incorrect copping tactics. Once they are facing life difficulty, for example lose the love one or lose a job, their life suddenly become off balance then they start addicted to eat. Thus, there are lots of possible method to cover the pain instead of overeating. That’s why incorrect coping tactics is one of the important causes of overeating. When people believe that eating can relieve stress, they then started to eat a lot of food they like, such as chocolate and ice cream in order to minimize their stresses.

We can have a batter understanding though planned behavior theory .People who have an overeating behavior believes that eating is a highly reliable method of covering their pain compare with having drugs and alcohol such high risky behavior. Also, they have a subjective norm after they have an evaluation that eat whatever they like can give them temporary happiness. Therefore,with an perceived behavioral...
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