Risks of Alcohol during pregnancy

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The Risks of Alcohol During Pregnancy
Birth defects are growing issues in the United States. A birth defect is an abnormal structure or body metabolism that is present at birth. Genetics, the environment or other unknown factors can cause a deformation in an infant. There are over 4,000 different kinds of birth defects known right now. Many of these can be cured or have some type of treatment. Birth defects are the leading cause of death in an infant's first year of survival. Making unhealthy decisions while pregnant will affect the developing fetus. However, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is at a high risk. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome also known as FAS, is a condition that results from the exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. If pregnant mothers had more information on the hazardous consequences to drinking alcohol, fewer children would suffer from this birth defect.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome appears to cause many physical and mental problems in infants. One in every thirty women drink at high levels, increasing the risk of FAS during pregnancy, one in every nine women drink alcohol during the first 3 months, and in the first trimester, one in every five women report consuming alcohol even the littlest amount (azcourts.gov) . In 2004, it was said that women at a younger age tend to consume more alcohol during pregnancy than those who are older and single women over the age of thirty have the highest rates of drinking alcohol while pregnant according to the Court Appointed Special Advocates for children (azcourts.gov), therefore women between twenty and thirty have a low risk of consuming alcohol during pregnancy. Women have to be cautious about what they are consuming during pregnancy because what is harmful to the mothers is extremely harmful to the fetus.

Consuming alcohol is more destructive to the developing fetus than cocaine or heroin. The alcohol damages the liver and causes the body to form incorrectly. The child could be born with a small head, have...
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