Risks Associated with Fraudulent use and loss of Personal Identifiable Information:

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Risks Associated with Fraudulent use and loss of Personal Identifiable Information:

IFSM 201
Dec 11, 2012

Name, age, address, social security number. all of these are the usual examples of “Personally identifiable information” or PII. We take for granted that our information is somewhere “out there”, on someone computer, safe, manned by an alert computer expert or office manager.The truest reality is unknown to us and the likelihood of nefarious access to our personal information grows along with the internet. While the majority of us are careful not to disclose our information,( just as we are careful not to leave the house without our keys) there is the occasion where we forget. We live in a state of constant distraction. We slip. Nevertheless, our own vigilance is the first level of many defenses that can protect our PII.

The most common form of use of the theft is by criminals who fraudulently and knowingly purchase merchandise with the use of illegally obtained credit card and bank account numbers. Prosecution of these types of crimes are difficult because there is very little evidence to collect to form the probable cause to make an arrest. And how would it be obtained? When criminal are arrested and tried, the sentences is robust. According to the associated press, last week in Syracuse New York, a 41 year old man was convicted of identity theft and sentenced to 3 years in prison. He was ordered to repay the 70,000 dollars he stole. Such convictions are rare and in this particular case the secret service was involved, which begins another set of questions regarding enforcement of laws regarding identity theft, who has jurisdiction, who needs to do this work?

Once you are a victim of misuse of your PII it is important to make it known to law enforcement. They most likely...
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