Risk Taking

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Taking Risks are very difficult for some people. The mind and takes a big part in this “disease”. The id’s basic needs do a lot to overcome these fears. Fear and lack of confidence are what stop many from doing the possible.

Fear plays a major roll in many anti-risk taking situations. “Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions “ (Ronald 118). These people have the fear of taking risks because they fear losing control. These people don’t want to become addicted to something like gambling or drugs; so they don’t try it in an effort to avoid the addiction. They fear that if they start they might like it or something like that and that they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves. Many of these people would have what is called Neurotic anxiety. “Neurotic anxiety is the fear of being overwhelmed by impulses of the id. It is the fear of loosing all control.” (Dr. Boeree 6) People adopt different approaches to risks, their ‘risk orientation’, and there are three different risk-taking types. There are risk avoiders who avoid activities due to the risk involved. Risk reducers who participate in high-risk activities in spite of the risk involved. And there are risk optimizers who participate in high-risk activities because of the risk involved (The Emotional 6) “The ego has what is called the secondary process; it’s supposed to filter the impure thought of the id and tries to put thing in order. The Super ego reminds you of the possible rewards and punishments.” (Dr. Boeree 4) We decide what is “safe” enough for us by using our conscience. The group of people who do crazy things such as extreme sports happen to overcome these fears that some say isn’t normal. The Psychologist, Sigmund Freud believed that . . . It is not normal to overcome these natural fears at all and that risk taking behavior was in fact evidence of a diseased mind. They could not conceive of any reason why people would choose to risk their lives, and as a result they concluded that...

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