Risk Review: MacVille Ltd

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Risk review
Submission details
Candidate’s name
Jin Xu
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0452 472 886
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Assessment site

Assessment date/s


The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details. Performance objective

For this task you are required to determine the risk context associated with establishing a new business outlet, within the existing business structure. They will be required to review internal and external environment factors and liaise with all stakeholders to generate a list of risks. Assessment description

For the case study provided with this Assessment Task, you are required to review risk management processes and determine scope and objectives, taking into account stakeholder input and both internal and external environmental factors affecting the organisation. With the information gathered, you are to identify risks and present this to relevant parties for feedback. Procedure

For the provided case study, you will assume the role of the risk manager/assessor. 1. Review the provided MacVille Risk Management Policy and Risk Management Strategy and complete a written report for your manager (your assessor) that addresses the following steps. a. Scope – Identify the scope of risk management required in your identified role. b. Goals – Identify and describe the critical success factors, goals or objectives for areas included in scope. c. Stakeholders – Identify internal and external stakeholders, their role in the process, and any issues or concerns they have. Present this using the table format provided. d. Analysis – Complete a PEST analysis and a SWOT analysis for risks associated with the scenario. Include reference to relevant legislation. e. Research – Review and summarise the research information provided in the case study, as well as any literature available that is relevant to this scenario. f. Describe – Complete the analysis of risk for the scenario by summarising the scenario and associated risks, accompanied by checklists, diagrams or flowcharts that support the summary. 2. After you have completed the above steps, you need to meet with your manager and discuss the draft report you have developed, especially your understanding of the critical success factors and goals (you should check that your manager agrees with your findings). 3. As part of your discussions you also need to discuss and identify how you can communicate with stakeholders about the risk management processes in this scenario and invite them to participate in discussions to further identify risks associated with the scenario. a. Summarise: In dot-point form, summarise the discussions with your manager. i. This should include any recommendations they made to you. b. Develop: a draft of the communication your manager suggested you use for consultation with a stakeholder or particular group of stakeholders. i. For example, if stakeholders desire a phone call, you should include a draft script of information that you need to share with stakeholders. ii. Whatever the form of communication, it must clearly ask stakeholders for input, and invite them to assist in the identification of risk for this scenario. When submitting the report and accompanying documents, you need to ensure that: your report is titled ‘Risk review’

your report is in order, with attachments on the back of your report as follows it includes notes from meeting with your manager
it includes draft communication
your report is submitted as required by your organisation (your training provider). Specifications
You must provide:
a completed report as outlined above in steps 1–6, using the headings provided for each step summary notes from your meeting with your manager
summarise in dot-point form the discussions with your manager and include any...
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