Risk Management Plan

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Table of Contents
1.1Project purpose
2.1Project sizes
2.2Impact Time Frame
3Risk Tools Techniques
4Review and Report
5Probability and Impact
6Risk Thresholds

Risk Management Plan brings into perspective the significant role that security play in the live hoods of people across the globe. The market has a unique design that gives prospective investors in the industry the urge and opportunity to learn more about risk. It also is enhancing investor into the rapidly growing industry. Brett Flayton, CEO of Flayton Electronics, is facing the most critical time of his career when it is discovered that 1,500 of 10,000 transaction has been compromised through an unprotected wireless link in the real-time inventory management system. Brett has to evaluate his obligation to let customers know of the massive leak of private data. Project Purpose

The purpose of Risk Management Plan is to provide a guideline of risk management in Flayton Electron and its operation. It analyses risk and provides information of the risk tools and techniques, how to control security. Scope of Risk management

The project aim at Flayton Electronics to achieve a successful security risk management plan in order to provide the appropriate guidelines and implementation of security risk controls to enhance Flayton Electronics security. This is achieved through the assessment of the business, operations, staff, assets, risks, legislations, standards and policies. Project Sizing

Tools and Techniques
The following tools will be us to support the risk management process on Flayton Electronics project: Initiation
Response Planning
Post-Project Reveiw
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