Risk Management Approach

Topics: President of the United States, United States Secret Service, Air Force One Pages: 2 (741 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Mike Ferraro
4/17/13 Risk Management Approach

We have recently have been privileged in meeting and hearing the President of the United States of America speak at our school. Before his arrival we, and the secret service would had to have perform risk management approach ensuring the safety of the president and everyone in the vicinity of the president. It is important that before his arrival we are able to identify all the potential risks when he comes to Hartford. Secondly after identifying the risks we given the task of dealing, and prevention of these risks.

Do to the high profile and importance the president is to our nation we need make sure and guarantee his safety from the airport to the University of Hartford and back again on to Air Force One. There are many risks when transporting such an important person. Risks include terrorist attack where someone plants bombs or IED on campus. There is also the threat of potential a gunman/gunmen while the president is speaking or when they are transporting him to his desired destination. It is a lot more difficult to protect Obama when he is not in the white house. Other risks may include trespassers or unwanted people entering the campus while the president is speaking. The president is very vulnerable when he steps out of his plane and when he is outside getting out of armored limo. He is also very vulnerable when he standing alone giving his speech on the stage. All of these risks are possible and its important we realize that they are there. After identifying the risks associated with the Presidents visit we now have to deal with them. As protocol we normally transport the president in the Beast a heavily armored limo that can deflect any attacks. We also have two identical limos so that if attacked the chance of someone picking the right car is minimized. Incase the limo is unprintable or there is something that prevents the President from driving to the school we have helicopters...
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