Risk management

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Focus of Organization
Every day individuals come in contact with minor situations that are often over-looked until the situation goes array and left wondering what could have been done to prevent this from happening. An effective risk management approach as it relates to security can have three elements; assessment of threat, pin pointing the vulnerabilities, and a plan of action to succeed. For instance, to avert potential terrorist’s acts against America and worldwide, other nations must collaborate in forming a unit to oppose activist threats; however the key issue in creating a worldwide counter-terrorist center of operations the inability in establishing a sole characterization of “terrorism”, due to a majority of countries description of terrorism is built solely towards political posture. Likewise, organizations like the United Nations, whose mission is to promote peace and mutual aid international, should establish a clear and precise definition to support the foundation of an international counter-terrorist organization. Moreover, the United States can improve relations with countries by embracing and continuing to work with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its international community in order to protect the U.S. territories. Organization risk management requires a sound understanding of the principles of risk as it combines the product of a possibility of loss, misfortune or catastrophe. Market & Exercise of Power

In 2013, an estimated $415.53 billion was expended in Global Homeland Security market; with an expectation by 2018 $544.02 billion will be spent to combat the risk of cybercrimes, domestic dispute, cross border terrorism, piracy, drug and human trafficking. Security threats against businesses and other organizations different, as security research and development are the basis of defense managing for businesses and global bureaus. In most cases, organizations and worldwide institutes have reacted towards protecting its surroundings, enhancing planning and security research. When the Department of Homeland Security was formed, based on the Act of 2002, which required the incorporation of mass agencies and organizations under one agency created numerous obstacles due to the administrative and operational each organization impose amalgamation of non-terrorism oriented programs to anti-terrorism strategies. Security Planning Arrangements

Security planning arrangements is essential in strengthening America’s defense through prevention and preparation of threats that risk the safety of the nation. The acts of terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and cyber attacks threaten public safety domestically and internationally. Security planning arrangements and national preparedness require responsibility from different levels of government, which contribute to the actions needed to safeguard the nation from harm. Security planning arrangements protect, respond, and provide strategies to diminish and recuperate from terrorization which impose the utmost danger in threatening homeland security. Security planning arrangements develop objectives to coordinate with local, state, federal, tribal governments, private and public sector organizations in assisting in the efforts of counterterrorism strategies. The security planning arrangements and the domestic efforts of the government build and sustain domestic capabilities as an approach to training, organization, and equipment designed to help planning frameworks and recovery. The frameworks coordinate structure and responsibilities to maintain a unified system with the support of levels of government and relevant actions from private and nonprofit sectors. Security planning arrangements share an operational plan to support the planning framework and the concept of operations and integration of resources. Security planning includes national training to sustain the ability to provide operational procedures, equipment, and facilitate exercise...

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