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Topics: Food, A Private Function Pages: 2 (1169 words) Published: October 24, 2014
RAMP Risk Assessed Management Plan Principal activity to be conducted on the premises. The SAMPLE Restaurant is a food and beverage business located AT SAMPLE RESTAURANT ADDRESS The premises comprises the Restaurant, serving lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, and a private room which is used for small functions. (amend as required) The main revenue source for the SAMPLE RESTAURANT business is derived from the Restaurant and the restaurant has a CERTAIN STYLE whilst being positioned in the MID-MARKET () sector. Maximum hours of operation. The SAMPLE RESTAURANT is currently open from 10am from Tuesday to Sunday. At this stage the Restaurant only opens on a Monday for private functions. Whilst the Restaurant is licensed till 12 midnight, the business is usually closed by 10.30pm unless there is a specific function booked. Details of Responsible Service of Alcohol initiatives. Staff employed at the SAMPLE RESTAURANT in the capacity of serving drinks are informed via our staff hand book of our policies in relation to the serving of alcohol. The Restaurant policies are primarily in line with the Responsible Service of Alcohol guidelines. Our policy in relation to RSA issues is to empower all of our staff to ask for ID and suspend or cut off service should they have any concerns. Luckily being a restaurant, these issues are rare. Furthermore, all of our Function briefings include RSA as an agenda item for staff prior to the function commencement. All employees RSA , RMLV and Food Safety Supervisor Certificates are kept in the Training Register file in the Restaurant Managers Office for easy reference. Details of participation in a liquor accord in the locality (if applicable). We have joined/intend to join in the near future the local Liquor Accord for the SAMPLE ADDRESS area. Arrangements at the Premises with respect to Lighting The Restaurant has adequate lighting from its entrance and around its external areas. These lights are set on timers to turn on at...
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