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Topics: Crime, Schizophrenia, Criminology Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: November 3, 2013

Early Risk Factors For Criminal Offending In Schizophrenia
Julian Flores
San Joaquin Delta College

Growing up and to this day, I was greatly fascinated by the TV shows and news stories that featured criminals, whether they were perfectly sane or so crazy that they would never be able to live without constant surveillance. I am researching the early risk factors for criminal offending in schizophrenia. I chose this topic due to the fact that it is very interesting to me and it is something I can use later in my future career. The research was a 35-year from birth longitudinal cohort study and included questionnaires that took place in Sweden. Even though the research went on for so long, information about the topic is still far from complete. The two types of patients that were studied throughout this process were either SCZ (Schizophrenic) patients or noSCZ (Non- Schizophrenic).

This study began with a, birth cohort of 50,443 males that were enlisted into the Swedish Army. Only the men who were drafted between July 1,1969 till July 30,1970 were chosen to be subjects/patients for this fairly new study. A cohort study is a type of study that uses ordinary people, with or without a certain condition, and has them live their lives as normal people; but once every couple of years return for certain tests or questionnaires. In this case the 50,443 males were between the age of 18 to 21; due to Swedish Law that required all fit males to undergo enlistment. The subjects were given the task of filling out two different questionnaires which contained the following;

"The first questionnaire included questions on social background, family, behavior and adjustment, and psychological and physical health. The second questionnaire included detailed questions on use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Both questionnaires have been used in a number of previous studies of the cohort (Malmberg A, 1998). "

Like every study that...
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