Risk and Child

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CCYD-11U-CD children and young people’s workforce Daniella Ovens Contribute to young people’s health and safety MU2.4
An identification of the lines of responsibility and reporting for health and safety in the work place. 1.2 At my nursery these are the lines of responsibility.
All staff is responsible for health and safety in nursery settings. Manager or deputy manager have the most responsibility and room leaders are responsible for the health and safety in their rooms any accident must be reported to your room leader immediately any broken toys must be removed at the discussion of the manager or room leader. Rooms, outdoor areas must be checked at the start of the day and end of day and risk assessments must be carried out daily 1.3 explanations of risk assessment and how this is managed in the work setting Risk assessments are put in place in the nursery setting to make sure nobody is injured in any way activities and rooms will be risked assessed before any activity takes place or any room used toys, hygiene. All staff is responsible for risk assessments are managed in the correct way in which they should be done every day. A risk assessment is a procedure that we need to adhere by to ensure the health and safety of all the children in our care and we need this to make sure every child is safe and well looked after in the nursery setting and no harm comes to them whilst in our care. 3.1 An identification of a non-medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting There are many non-medical incidents and emergencies that can occur in the work setting certain days in the work setting will go by and have no incidents or emergencies as staff are aware of the threats to health and safety and have taken action to prevent them from occurring and these emergencies could be as follows there could be a missing child or young person a child should never go missing in the work setting while in our care no doors, gates should be open all adults that use these doors and gates should follow the procedures to ensure they are closed and locked. There are policies to which the practioners should follow to the collection of all children parents and authorized adults should be allowed and some nurseries have a password policy to as the parent or authorized adult will have to give before the child is allowed to go home with them. If there is a evacuation procedure that needs to take place like for a fire ,bomb scare there will be a person in charge of that in the nursery setting and they should let everyone know in what to do in a evacuation procedure and get everyone out of the building in a safe and calm orderly manner do not panic is the best thing and first thing gather all children in the setting and usher them out the building taking the register with you and asking a few members of staff to check all other rooms to make sure visitors and no children are left in the building and make sure that the fire brigade has been called and are on its way if its not there already call each child’s and visitors and staff names one by one to ensure all are present and await instructions to gain access back to the nursery if this should happen. fire > a member of staff should Dial 999 and speak to the operator and explain to them what has happened and that the fire brigade is needed also give the operator address to the premises and make sure the call does not end until the operator has repeated the address back to you also, you have to make sure that all fire doors are closed at all times and windows are closed. The children should not be left unattended at any time during the fire emergency they should always be accompanied by a member of staff. However, no one should attempt to put out the fire unless it is a small fire and all children should be exited through the normal fire exit routes that they are familiar with in which they are used in practice fire drills...
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