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CONTROL MEASURES (i.e.alternative work methods/mechanical aids/engineering controls, etc.)

Slips and trips

1. Work areas should be kept clear of obstructions.
2. Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately.
3. All areas well lit, especially stairs.
4. Any hazards such as torn carpets, trailing cables, defects to floor coverings, faulty lighting etc. should be reported immediately to the Admin Office or H&S Manager.

Electrical equipment
(electric shocks or burns from using faulty electrical equipment)

1. All portable electrical equipment must be tested for electrical safety at correct intervals and labelled with the date of the test.
2. Electrical cables and plugs should be regularly visually inspected by the user for damage.
3. Any defective equipment should be reported immediately to the Admin Office or H&S Manager, then suitably labelled and taken out of use until the repair has been effected.
4. Electrical equipment must always be operated in accordance with manufacturers' instructions.

Display Screen Equipment
(postural problems, eyestrains, headaches)

1. Where Display Screen Equipment (DSE) is used a workstation risk assessment must be carried out.
2. Where laptops and notebooks are used as a significant part of day-to-day work a risk assessment must be carried out.
3. Work planned to include regular breaks from the computer.
4. Users of Display Screen Equipment should be informed of their right to a free eye test.
5. OHS leaflet “Are you keying safely” should be issued to DSE users.

Manual handling of heavy/bulky objects (back injuries)

1. A risk assessment must be completed for lifting heavy and bulky loads that present a risk of injury.
2. A trolley should be used to transport boxes of paper or other heavy items.
3. High shelves for light items only.
4. Training in lifting techniques should be provided for anyone who undertakes the lifting of heavy loads.


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