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Below are celebrities that are bad influence on fellow celebrities Taylor Momsen

Though only 17, Taylor Momsen is known for her freaky behavior and stupid I’m-dying-for-attention interviews. Gossip Girl star and the Pretty Reckless front lady has said she believes she’s a bad influence on Madonna’s 14 year old daughter Lourdes. The two girls became friends while Taylor was working as a model for Madonna’s Material Girl clothing line. I probably am a bad influence,” Taylor Momsen, known for flashing her boobs at concerts every now and then, has said. “But I’m not saying, ‘Be like me.’ I hope girls read what I say in interviews – they should just be themselves. They wouldn’t want to be like me. I’m crazy. I’m f**king out of my mind. I’ve been told I was out of my mind since I was 11.” Quite disturbing.

Paris Hilton

Former rebellious hotel heiress and current successful entrepreneurParis Hilton is known for her bad girl behavior – drugs, sex tapes, scandals, drink-driving and prison sentences. Even though she’s been trying her best to clean up her act lately, sometimes she still lets herself loose (like last summer when she was caught with marijuana in Las Vegas). Paris Hilton is a bad influence. Remember 2007 when she was good friends with Britney Spears in her darkest days? Do you remember how many times Britney was photographed without her underwear, drunk and absolutely inadequate? In many of those pics she was seen accompanied by Paris Hilton and other BFF Lindsay Lohan. I’m talking about very bad influence here. Miley Cyrus

As you know Miley Cyrus has been voted the worst celebrity influence for the second year in a row. Losing her role model status, the former Disney star is also spreading her bad influence on her friends. Think Demi Lovato. Demi left rehab just last week but it’s not that what bothers me. Being friends with Miley, she learns bad things from her. Even before entering the treatment facility in November 2010 Demi had become center of...
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