Rising cost of tuition

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A. Attention getter
Its big, its red, its rectangular and it has the words congratulations written on it. Now ask yourself, what can this be? It can only be one thing, an acceptance letter. B. Establish credibility
Now although my initial reaction was one of joy and excitement, I also had to think of the dark side associated with this acceptance letter. Am I going to get a loan? A grant? Those interest rates, oh my gosh, am I going to get debt? C. Orient audience to topic

Most of us are going to agree that a challenging issue related to entrance to a university is financing. D. Asserting thesis
Today I will be talking about the rising cost of tuition. I will argue that “human capital contracts” proposed by Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman should be adapted by students looking for funding in order to deal with this rising cost. E. Preview

In my speech, I will address the needs, cause and a solution to this problem. In general, the price of tuition and student debt amount has increased and there is a decline in financial aid from the government and universities. This is caused by inflation and expenditure. My proposed solution is human capital contracts, a better alternative of a loan, which I will elaborate more about later. Transition:

This rising of college cost issue has caused problem to this country and we have today, sobering evidence that the higher education bubble is headed for a burst. Need:
I will first talk about the need for implementation of my proposed policy. Need:
1. Tuition increase
According to the National Center for Education Statistics and the U.S. Department of Education, public university students pay 8% more for tuition than they did in 2011. Based on their report, in 1980, the average cost of tuition at a public university was $2,550. In 1990, it increased to around $5,200. By 2000, it was almost $8,700. By 2010, the average cost of tuition reached nearly $16,000.

2. Decline...

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