Rise Of The Labour Party

Topics: Labour Party, Trade union, Liberal Party Pages: 3 (1179 words) Published: November 26, 2014
“Explain how far the views of Source C differ from those in Source A in relation to the creation and development of the LRC/Labour Party.” Source A states that the creation of the LRC came from 70 organisation coming together to form a coalition in order to create “a new movement of protest in parliament.” It essentially says that the LRC was formed on the bases of several organisations all sharing the same idea and goal. Source C however does not mention this – it does not tell us that the LRC was created due to different bodies wanting to have a union. Another difference in views is hat Source A says that there is middle class support for the Labour Party via the Fabian Society. This means that Source A believes that the Labour Party appealed to all members of society –not just a specific group. However, in Source C, it states that the Labour Party specifically appealed to mainly trade union members: “…whose members provided a solid body of Labour voters.” However, the two sources do both agree on the idea that the Labour party was initially formed on the poverty that writhed in Britain. Source A says: “The party’s arrival was the consequence of dire poverty…” whereas Source B states: “…strongest support came from areas of great poverty.” This consequently shows that the Labour party appealed to those who were living in poverty, unemployed or in dangerous working conditions. It also shows that the party wished to support those who lived the lowest of British life in order to help them out of it. Another factor that both sources agree on is that the working class were the main group to support the Labour Party. In source A it says that “…it was the votes of the working men and later women, which gave it its strength to fight ahead…” and source B says: “strongest support came from areas of great poverty…trade unions, whose members provided a solid body of Labour voters.” This reinforces the idea that both sources recognise that Labour appealed mainly to the...
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