Rise of National Socialism

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, World War I Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: October 7, 2011
The topic of my research paper is the rise of National Socialism in Germany after World War I and the fall of the Weimar Government. I want to know how a highly civilized country could throw off a newly formed Democratic government in favor of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. I am looking to see how or when National Socialism first came to be. We all know about Hitler and the Nazi Party; but when and for that matter, who came up with National Socialism? In this paper I am going to give extensive background on how and why Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party (National Socialism) came to be. I will point out key factors and policies that shaped post World War I Germany. I will show the failure of the Allies during the Treaty of Versailles and the treatment of Germany by her allies, especially France. Germany was once again to be a proud nation under Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. With everything Germany was experiencing following the Great War , Hitler and his Nazi thugs came along at precisely the right moment it time to make the rise of National Socialism a very real reality. I intend on using many sources for this paper. I have roughly nineteen secondary sources and four primary sources to start with. I will be looking for more primary sources as I progress with the paper. I feel that I have a good start with my sources. I have a wide array of secondary sources that cover everything from the end of World War I to the Weimar government to the rise of the Nazi party and National Socialism. I also have included sources that cover Hitler’s steady rise to power. Using his Nazi thugs (Brown shirts as they were called, but most commonly called the SA), to heavily persuade others to back down from competing with Hitler.
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