Rise of Islam

Topics: Islam, Muhammad, Muslim Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: June 8, 2014
One of the greatest cultural spread experience in world history was the rise of Islam. Beginning in the Arabian peninsula and Middle east, it ruled over areas of Asia, Africa, and Europe. Islam was appealing to people in many different varieties of communities. It brought valuable changes as an outcome of correspondence while frequent in regards affiliating with orthodox local belief structure. Muslims urged new cultural proximities for hundreds of years, beginning at around 700 CE. There were many conquests, far outstretched trade, and extended missionary movement. The geographical aspects of the Muslim people were fairly well accustomed by 1450 CE, which was the end of the post-classical period. Islam’s spread was progressive though remarkably sudden given the substantial geography and assorted regions concerned in. So what really provoked Islam to distribute their culture throughout the globe? How did the intensity of Islam become so surreal? The answer is military conquest, wide spread trade, political domination and religious ideas. A supporter of the spread of Islam was its religious attractiveness. Islam represented the truth. They had many fastened rules and laws. People were tempted by Islam due to peace, comfort, and security they distinguish in it. It also appealed to people that there was only one God (Allah), whom had no partner, son, companion or resemblance. The root of the word Islam is ‘salem’, meaning to be in peace with God. In document B (Verses from the Qur’an) it reads, “Those who submit to God and accept the true faith; who are devout sincere, patient, humble ,charitable, and chaste.” This shows that Allah was fair to those who were fair to him, not bring unjust fairness to the people of Islam. Another cause of Islam’s spread was due to their immense military force. Islam spread vastly to other cultures in a factor of military conquest, even though the religion was forbearing of other beliefs. Muslims rarely ever proceeded their religion...
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