Riordan Mission and Goals

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Missions and Goals of Project
As with most companies, Riordan’s Mission is to satisfy the wants of its customers when they buy a product or service from this company. The goal of this company is to be the leader in their industry. Ensuring this type of satisfaction will certainly go a long way in creating long term relationships with its customers. Riordan management realizes that this can best be achieved if the workforce has the tools that are needed to make their tasks more efficient. To remain competitive in the market it is imperative that Riordan utilizes modern and cost effective means to process the day to day business functions. Another very important thing that must be taken into consideration is the cost of installing such a system. That is one of the purposes of the comparison analysis that will be done. The objective of this project is to recommend solutions that will meet those criteria. At the same time the company must be aware that the upgrade to their software must also meet the industry standards. To this end Riordan realizes that there are two very important elements that are involved in meeting the Goals of this Mission. The first thing that must be considered in this equation is the culture that exists within the business itself. The employees at this business need to feel that they are providing and meaningful service for its customers. There are several different ways that this can be accomplished. One of the ways that has shown to be most productive is to involve the employees in the project. This will help the transition go much smoother, and at the same time aid in the training on that will be required on the new software.
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