Riordan Manufacturing Recommendations

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Riordan Manufacturing Recommendations

History of Riordan Manufacturing
Riordan Manufacturer is a global producer of plastics. They operate in four locations, three in the United States and one plant in the People’s Republic of China. Riordan’s United States’ plastic products include beverage containers produced in Atlanta, Georgia and custom plastic parts in Pontiac, Michigan. The Hangzhou, China plant produces plastic fan parts and corporate headquarters is in San Jose, California, (Apollo Group, 2006). Riordan Manufacturing is looking to update their Sales and Marketing Department with the newest and latest software recommendations. The following is a summary of the history, current set up of the department and a recommendation of the upgrade. Riordan is attempting to consolidate customer information to deliver more to the customer. Riordan Manufacturing has a combined sales and marketing system, which include many databases, paper files, and microfiche. The sales and marketing systems are obsolete based on today’s standards of integrated information management. The information available to consolidate into a CRM includes Sales history; Previous marketing research files, marketing plans, and design awards; Sales records; Production files; Statements of profit and loss by item and group; Marketing budget, activities in marketing communications and expenditures marketing research.

Marketing Research, Marketing Plans, and Design Awards
The marketing department wants to build a database of past knowledge. Plans and results from past research studies stored in the marketing department. In the lobby, a showcase displaying the various design awards earned by the marketing department. The company is looking at the possibility to hire a student part-time to scan the documents. The Riordan has 20 major customers, including government contracts, and 12 minor customers. Using a variety of tools, each member of the sales team maintains customer records. The various types of record keeping is paper and pencil, Act software, a hybrid. The firm is evaluating a new integrated CSM system to help the new selling team that will soon be in operation. The goal for the marketing budget is to reach the $50 million revenue mark. This is a collaboration effort by Dr. Riordan and the executive team, which incorporates input of line managers closest to the day-to-day operations. The two objectives that Riordan hoped to achieved is increasing sales force promotions to increase sales to existing customers, price discounts, and customer user group services and, implementing public relations, trade shows, brand development, and sales force promotions to expand sales to new customers.

Recommendations for Sales and Marketing
It is recommended that Riordan update or upgrade the current system to a more user friendly, up-to-date, and efficient system that will allow an effective process of keeping historical, sales and marketing records for future planning. To assist the Marketing and Sales departments in keeping up with the daily intake of information a list of the following software could be implemented: * Oracle – Sells applications that leverage Oracle's database technology to provide CRM systems * SAP – CRM application part of SAP Business Suite * Microsoft – Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A modular system, which can purchase different components based on specific needs. Expands into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (Microsoft, 2010). * Sage – SalesLogix CRM done by a popular accounting systems producer (Sage, 2010). * SalesForce CRM – A software as a service/Cloud computing-based system. (Apollo Group, 2003, 2004, 2006)

Human Resources Information Systems
Riordan’s HRIS system was set up in 1992, part of the financial systems that keep track of employee information, rate of pay, exemptions,...

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