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Topics: Environment, Strategic management, Target market Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: March 14, 2012
With riordan they do have a good company backing up with having a good leadership and along with employees because they employ many people. They are a company that generates high revenue and can help maintain their selves a good profit margin. One of the best strategies they implemented was being involved with areas such as automotive and aircraft parts along with manufacturers. This is a big help when trying to expand and grow to help the company to other regions. They are a company they will strive to keep focus on what is important and to continue to create strategies as they are needed to continue to compete against rivals they have and to show how they can perform.

Riordan Manufacturing is a company focused on being the leader in manufacturing polymer materials for companies like automotive and aircraft parts manufacturers and beverage makers and bottlers. Achieving and maintaining a healthy profit helps the company ensure that they have enough financial strength, and the right amount of employees available for sustained growth. Based on what they currently manufacture and market to and their goals the company is implementing a differentiation focus strategy. In the differentiation focus strategy, Riordan aims to set themselves apart from any competitors within all of their target market segments. The specialized needs of these segments mean that there are opportunities to provide products that differ from competitors who may be trying to target a broader group of customers.

Riordan has already made some strides in expanding their operations globally with the acquisition of the China plant in 2000. The company should continue using the differentiation focus strategy to improve the innovation and sustainability of the business. If Riordan stays on track with providing new polymer products to meet the current and future needs of its customers as well as attracting new clients with those innovations. It will help to ensure the...
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