Riordan It Strategic Planning

Topics: Outsourcing, Customer service, Organization Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: April 28, 2010
Running Head: Riordan IT Strategic Planning
Riordan IT Strategic Planning
Fett’e Brown
University of Phoenix
CIS Strategic Management
CMGT 57 8
Scott Goodman, Instructor
April 26, 2010
“Globalization of markets created many challenges for organizations. Initially organizations worked with global offices to address local business concerns; however, with the commoditization of bandwidth information technology is being challenged directly to address transnational information technology (IT) operations. This paper will address transfer of work, quality issues, and global networking and service levels.” Analyze Transnational IT Operations

“Information technology has become synonymous with outsourcing. Increases and global availability of network bandwidth, lower pay rates, and organizations seeking external skill sets have facilitated transnational IT operations. Although technology encompasses the same language, people are the driving force behind the technology. Organizations need to consider other factors and not just focus on increasing the “bottom line” by decreasing the cost of labor.” Transfer of Work

“Transfer of work means transferring data. Organizations are outsourcing tasks, like call centers and application development and support. These tasks require continuity between the vendor and organization. Without continuity the customer does not receive expected or perceived support and the organization starts to lose revenue. Cross-culture differences need to be examined and corrected; so all aspects of the business prosper.” “Zerah’s research has found about 35 percent of workplace problems are caused by language barriers while 65 percent are caused by cultural differences.” (Wasieleski, R., 2007) “Organizations need to develop common-language tools for transferring work. Transnational IT operations have adopted English as a primary language when dealing with data transfer and call center support for English speaking...

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