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Riordan Manufacturing


This document defines the high level requirements for implanting a human resource information system at Riordan Manufacturing. It will be used as the basis for the following activities: A project overview that identifies the areas of the document resources, glossary of terms, project overview on business to be improved, project risks, and lists the stakeholders associated with the project. Key assumptions and any project restraints.

An identification of the business requirements of the service request. Process flow charts associated with the business requirements. The implementation approach including installation, testing, and training. 1.2.Document Resources

Business Unit
Patricia Miller
Manager IT Services
Project Manager
Dirk Kort
Manager IT Services (Pontiac)
Project Lead
Stacey Jones
Manager IT Services (Albany)
Project Lead
Vongpaka Phouthaphone
Database Analysis
Application Support Lead
Vinh Nakaajima
Network Administrator
Infrastructure Support Lead
Maria Castillo
Database Analysis (Pontiac)
Application Support Lead
Kim Tran
Database Anlaysis (Albany)
Applications Support Lead

1.3.Glossary of Terms
Human Resource Information System
Family and Medical Leave Act
Americans with Disabilities Act
Human Resource
Chief Executive Officer
F & A
Finance and Accounting
Fair Labor Standards Act
Paid Time Off
1.4.Project Overview and Areas of Improvement
Riordan Manufacturing’s HRIS system was installed in 1992 as part of an overall financial systems package. Changes to personal information, pay rate, tax information, hire date, and security information and overall organizational information are made in writing and entered into the system by the payroll clerk. Individual manager’s uses excel spreadsheets to track training and development records and track status of candidates. Currently Riordan Manufacturing HRIS systems do not use a central employee file area; therefore, managers are responsible for keeping employee files, tracking FMLS absences and requests for accommodation under the ADA. Because of this disparate HR system, Riordan Manufacturing is purposing a project to integrate its existing HR tools that are being used today into a single integrated HR application. The application should be able to define the business requirements for the development of an HR system and serve as a hub for all people-related activities, including communication, development, measurement and compensation. In addition, the HR system should allow Riordan Manufacturing to implement organized approaches for drawing, keeping, developing and using the essential skills and expertise needed to optimize the employees. This new HR system proposal will give the Riordan Manufacturing stakeholders a better understanding of the cost, time and systems changes that will take place in phases. As each task is being completed there will be detailed project plan that will provided a list of all the tasks, resources, schedule and budget required completing during that phase of the project for stakeholders to sign-off on each step of the project. Michael Riordan the company’s current President and CEO followed by the Board of Directors and the managerial team has a vested interest in the companies HR department to ensure new and current employees have the best HR system. By getting feedback from the stakeholders allows for better understanding on how to develop a new HR system that are useful for stakeholders and the company’s employees. As the project is being developed, the team will follow a carefully designed project plan that provides a listing of tasks, resources, milestones and budget required to complete the project. The estimated go-live date will be six months from the start of the project so the new system can be implemented in the second quarter of the next...
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