Riordan Bsa375 Week 2

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Riordan Manufacturing: Analysis of HR System

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Riordan Manufacturing, a Fortune 1000 company, is a plastics manufacturer based out San Jose, California, with additional facilities located in Hangzhou, China; Pontiac, Michigan; and Albany, Georgia. The company was founded by Dr. Michael Riordan in 1991 and has grown exponentially over the past three years, with recently projected annual earnings of $46 million and revenues in excess of $1 billion. Despite the company's rapid growth and the need for a more streamlined approach to all aspects of Human Resources, Riordan has continued to make use of its antiquated Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Hugh McCauley, COO, has requested that the HR Integration Product Manager draft a plan to integrate the appropriate tools to move forward with the organizations' trending growth pattern and to take advantage of currently available technologies within the industry. This first stage of this process is to analyze the current system in place to determine the necessary business requirements, which will be completed by ensuring that the proper data is gathered during the analysis. Once these requirements have been identified, a detailed project plan can be addressed in the forthcoming stages of Riordan's proposed HRIS.

Current HRIS

The current HRIS was initially deployed in 1992 and works in conjunction with Riordan's financial system. Most of information that is maintained within the system is vital employee information such as personal information (name, address, birth date), current pay rate, tax exemptions and time-off/vacation status. When this information needs to be routinely updated submissions are made in writing to the employee's department manager and are then input into the system by the payroll clerk. At the moment, there is no central filing system for employee records as they are currently kept by department managers who are also responsible for handling

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) absences and additional request for time off. There are various individuals within the human resources (HR) department that play a vital role into the overall processes of the department. Almost of the data captured throughout HR is viewed, edited and shared on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, without any other use of proprietary system or database. Riordan's internal recruiters use a rather rudimentary system of managing potential applicants for positions that must be filled within the company, as Excel spreadsheets are used to track their status throughout the hiring process. Spreadsheets are also used by the training and development specialist who manages past/prior employee training and development data. Riordan currently employs an annual employee satisfaction survey that is distributed throughout the company, grading the company on eight different factors; 1. Job Satisfaction 2. Working Conditions 3. Personal Opportunity 4. Cooperation 5. Compensation & Benefits 6. Communication 7. Supervision in My Department 8. Management at Riordan Manufacturing. The organization views employee satisfaction as a very precious asset to the profitability and sustained growth over the past few years, so employee relations specialists monitor that information that shared on the survey while also tracking complaints and grievances that can have a negative effect on the work environment.

Information Gathering / Proposed Design Methods

Since this is only the first stage of analysis for this report it's important that the appropriate information is gathered to ensure that the proper methods of design are suggested. Hugh McCauley has proposed a 6 month deadline, so it's very important this time is used to

thoroughly analyze Riordan's current HRIS which has been discussed in detail above. Riordan Manufacturing and the HR Integration Product Manager could begin this process by investigating the possibility of hosting a 5-day Joint Application...

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