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Riordan New Proposal Project
Barron Flemister, Greg Fulton, Mathew Rooney
April 22, 2014
Timothy Anderson
Riordan New Proposal Project
Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturer that was founded by Dr. Riordan in 1991. Dr. Riordan obtained several patents that later turned into commercial applications that developed his company in to a Fortune 1000 enterprise, employing 550 people with projected earnings of $46 million dollars and over $1 billion in revenues. In 1993 the company expanded from high tensile strength plastics and fans into producing plastic beverage containers. The company’s latest expansion was in 2000 when it opened operations in China. Riordan Manufacturing is the industry leader in using polymer materials with future goals of achieving and maintaining reasonable profitability to ensure and sustain growth (Apollo, 2005). In response to Hugh McCauley’s, Riordan Manufacturing Chief Operations Officer‘s (COO) concern about the antiquated processes and his requirements the team analyzed the manual and redundant processes of the current Human Resources System Integration (HRIS). The team has determined with the use of state-of-the art information technology system the current manual intensive, multi-functional processes can be integrated into a single system. The team has kept in consideration that the integrated HRIS has to be accessible by all of Riordan’s plant locations. Based on the request the new system should be completed and available for use by the second quarter of next year. The team along with Hugh McCauley will determine how to develop the project test plan, determine resources, and how best to acquire the staff to meet the needs of the project. From initiation to lifecycle management will allow flexibility and future growth modification to the HRIS system. The HRIS will include gathering techniques and designing method applications for managers, supervisors, representatives, and employees that will consolidate all data from the manufacturing plants into a database management system (DBMS). The HRIS system will be a comprehensive conglomerate that integrates procedures for collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving, and validating data needed by all personnel within an organization (Apollo, 2006). This will require active involvement from key HR representatives for success. Automation will be critical in cutting administrative costs and maximize on HR representatives time. An enterprise social network will also benefit Riordan Manufacturing from the bottom up. Cross department sharing from employees on lightweight workflow, files such as shipping documents will give a better view of information flow than the static system currently in place (Rainer & Cegielski, 2012). The new HRIS will improve the climate of Riordan from the warehouse worker to the COO. With the improvement of climate the communication will become more fluid and streamlined. Instituting a climate survey upon implementing the new integrated HRIS will validate the new system. Riordan Manufacturing has a well-maintained hardware configuration that is relevant with current technology. The team has determined through discussions with HR and the other departments that an improvement in workflow is of paramount concern and a recommendation was submitted to the COO to modify the current process. We understand the sensitivity of the information contained in the system and the need to protect it. Using the diagram as reference, personnel will be able to access files as needed based on their access levels. Currently managers do not have on-demand access to potential employee information, which makes the current process laborious and timely. The data will be restricted based on need-to-know, need-to-access and files can be shared across multiple departments instead of the current practice of tasks filtered through redundant layers ultimately costing the company unnecessary man hour dollars. Below are the...

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