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Microsoft Lync 2013 provides real time Instant Messaging, Audio and Video conferencing, Meetings with integrated document sharing, real time whiteboards, collaborative notes, and desktop sharing.
Planning and implementation will require at least 100 hours with a cost of $15,000 in contractor fees over an 8 week period for a Microsoft certified Lync specialist. Planning will be based on the number of participating uses and participating office sites, the requirements for external access, and be provided in a managed datacenter environment for virtualization, high availability, archiving and monitoring, and Lync public federation capabilities to connect to other companies.
Server requirements will depend on actual use, including Front End servers, Edge Servers, Reverse Proxy Servers, MS-SQL servers, Survivable Branch Applications, Archive/Replication/Backup servers, PSTN Gateways, and XMPP Gateways.
This is further augmented by SharePoint 2013 so that SharePoint provides collaboration and training material management that is scalable to as many as 2,500 online users. A recommendation for a Microsoft SharePoint farm provides services such as document sharing, team calendars, and tracking lists for training at all levels. As more use cases are identified, the platform can scale to add new services and capacity. Server requirements would depend on Lync installation requirements and existing infrastructure.
The range of hours required for planning, piloting, deployment, and support would run 208-296 hours with a cost of $35,000-$50,000 in contractor fees. The architecture of this solution would require 9 to 12 weeks for a single systems architect to implement. It will require the leasing of datacenter resources in a virtual environment with variable costs depending on scale utilizing their fiber backbone to deliver content online. This is to avoid the high cost of on premise servers and bandwidth required by these solutions.
Networking equipment, if not

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