Rio Tinto Case Study

Topics: Management, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Jeffrey A. Mortenson
HRMG 5000
Professor Kathleen Rich-New
January 26, 2015
Case Study One- Rio Tinto: Redesigning HR
1. Synopsis
Rio Tinto, an international London based mining and mineral company was severely impacted by the global recession in 2008. Such an impact forced unprecedented workforce reductions worldwide and decentralized HR management had to be brought in under a single umbrella to insure an orderly and efficient system that would support the organization’s future productivity. This new proactive approach to management, utilization of technology, and preparation of the employees proved to help save the company and set the stage for continued future operations. 2. Answer the Questions

Q1. How did Rio Tinto’s revamping of HR help with minimizing the potential problems with the reduction in force? The entirety of management to engage in strategic human resource planning is what had been revamped in the Rio Tinto organization. Engaging in centralized global planning, maintaining effectiveness, awareness in serving the best interests of the entire organization, and not carrying out decentralized single focused HR at all sixty individual business sites was a positive, yet necessary culture shift leading to increased efficiency. The intention to control issues and serve the best company interests were to maintain integrity, hold down costs (which could have been in legal fights and time), sensitivity to those affected persons and business units, and establish a data management system that handles international staffing and succession planning.

What role would an HRIS have to play in managing a RIF?
The role of Human Resource Information System(s) in any organization is to give employee asset visibility to enable management decisions and planning easier. In a perfect world, all employee records from hire to decision time would give a more complete picture on all employees past, present, and future value to the organization. The...
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